The Navida Odyssey

In a rural village, set in the wild North coast of Kenya lies Navida Natural Foods Limited. Surrounded by towering trees in this idyllic African setting, Navida Natural Foods strives each day to produce quality organic products that enrich lives around the world..

The Navida journey, as we would call it, begins at the coconut farmers' field. Each day up to 10.000 fresh mature coconuts are harvested and de-husked from these carefully selected farms.

At the factory, the race against time starts! Once coconuts are broken, the staff have only 4 hours to extract the coconut milk and get the pure virgin coconut oil. Our totally cold pressed centrifugal process makes a wonderful coconut oil, abundant in natural antioxidants and essential nutrients with a fantastic taste and a delicate coconut flavour!

This is but one phase of the epic journey

Given the unique production methodology at Navida Natural foods, other products are produced as part of the process and everything is utilized. coconut husks, coconut shells, coconut cosmetic oil, coconut flour, coco feed.

The cake from the expelled coconut meal is ground and used as a main component of our poultry and fish feed. We encourage all our coconut farmers to multi crop and add extra income from their farms by planting maize, sim sim, ground nuts, moringa and soya to be used in our feed. Navida Bird park has evolved to include pheasants, guinea fowls, crested cranes, rare quails, all kinds of rare bantams and long tailed chicken.

The Fish farm stock tilapia, catfish and koi with view to add other eatable fish and shrimp.

So, what gets us out of the bed every day to ensure that this whole integrated organism is working?

It can be many things, but it's the joy in seeing young chicks hatch and totter on their little feet as they explore the world around them; its reading a client's email thanking us for the wonderful virgin oil and how it has improved them and their family's health; its standing by the fish pond and watching the fish swim in precise strokes; its the joy of introducing new products and new ideas to Navida, its visiting our farmers and get an update on their crops and development, it’s seeing the local staff come to work happy knowing they can now pay their school fees,…Its getting a chance to do something we love and touching a life. Its Navida!


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